I Want To Remember

I want to Relax. Like the Farmers at the Countryside. I want to Feel at peace Total peace. Like the birds Flying in harmony. I want to Stand with Unshakable confidence. Like the trees In the wild. I want to Understand My worthiness Like the water Gushing onto Sand. Running Without a care In the … Continue reading I Want To Remember


The Space I Am

I remember them. Telling me With innocence To hide. To make believe It doesn't exist. My soul. The magnificence. My body. The dazzling beauty. My heart. The softness it is. My eyes. The songs it sings. All of who I am. I remember them Showing me; This is the path. The path of survival. I remember them Telling … Continue reading The Space I Am

Beautiful Girl

It doesn’t disappear. It stays. And comes Up again And again. And yet again. And it’s ok. Because the point Is not For a part of me To disappear. Even a part Of me I don’t love Every moment; Yet. It’s ok. It’s ok For the anxiety. The loneliness. The scared little girl To show … Continue reading Beautiful Girl

Sun is Down

If your heart Is ripped out Mine is torn shreds. If the hell You’re experiencing Screams deafening volumes. My paradise Isn’t whole. If the life you’re living Is death. My life Isn’t life. Isn’t life at all. If the love you’ve known Has turned into Dark treacherous volcanoes. My love stings. Just a bit. A … Continue reading Sun is Down

Beautiful Child of Me

It’s the little girl inside of me. She says I’m unworthy. She says no one can love me. She says no one can accept all of me. She makes me sick. She comes up at random times. I know it’s not me. It’s the little girl inside of me. Sometimes I can’t differentiate her from … Continue reading Beautiful Child of Me

Rejection Aliveness Me.

I created stories in my mind about rejection. Huge and scary stories which actually made me believe that rejection can kill me. And here I am. The day after I’ve been rejected by someone I love so much. I’m still here. I am alive. I keep checking my pulse, it’s there. And oh how it’s there. … Continue reading Rejection Aliveness Me.

Unmessable. Completely Unmessable.

I am unmessable. Bring the world down On my shoulders. Destroy all I love Around me. Show me all Hate In the world. I'll give love. I am unmessable. Throw rocks At my heart. Place my soul On fire. Put my mind Through hell. And my eyes Through salty lakes. I will give love.   … Continue reading Unmessable. Completely Unmessable.