Rejection Aliveness Me.

I created stories in my mind about rejection. Huge and scary stories which actually made me believe that rejection can kill me. And here I am. The day after I’ve been rejected by someone I love so much. I’m still here. I am alive. I keep checking my pulse, it’s there. And oh how it’s there. … Continue reading Rejection Aliveness Me.


Unmessable. Completely Unmessable.

I am unmessable. Bring the world down On my shoulders. Destroy all I love Around me. Show me all Hate In the world. I'll give love. I am unmessable. Throw rocks At my heart. Place my soul On fire. Put my mind Through hell. And my eyes Through salty lakes. I will give love.   … Continue reading Unmessable. Completely Unmessable.


My Voice

My voice. At times, It gets Drowned By others. By noise. By disturbances. By sounds. Outside of me. My voice. At times It gets Lost In the Tornado Of life. Through Blasts. And explosions. And then through Voices. Other voices. My voice. Today I tune into My voice. Only. The real Voice Inside of me. … Continue reading My Voice



The greatest Miracle I’ve ever seen, Is me. The greatest Love I’ve ever experienced Is me. I sometimes Forget this. My soul At times Does not remember. Its ok When I forget. But, I will keep Sending reminders. I will keep My promise Of forever Being there For me. Cuz I’m a miracle. I’m the … Continue reading Miracle


My Beautiful Sister

Dedication to my younger beautiful sister. Because if anyone Ever approaches you. Dear sister. And says anything other Than how beautiful Your soul Is. Show them The door. Because if anyone Ever approaches Your magnificent soul With anything Other than Love. Beautiful sister. Say you speak One language. The language of love. Because if anyone … Continue reading My Beautiful Sister

Luckiest Girl Alive 

I am Lucky. I am the luckiest girl Alive. I remember Sitting by the Hanukkah lights. Year after year. The sadness Was in me. In my whole being. I couldn't brush it off. It was outside me All around me. I didn't understand It's source. I now sit at the Hanukkah lights. The majestic lights. … Continue reading Luckiest Girl Alive